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EMF Protection Clothing: Complete Guide for 2023

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The best two methods of protection when it comes to electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) radiation are distance and elimination. In other words, the best way to protect yourself from these harmful frequencies is to stop using the devices that emit this radiation or put distance between yourself and these products. However, what happens when you cannot completely rid yourself of your smartphone, laptop or smart meter? What about when the neighbors in your high rise apartment building do not limit their exposure to EMF and RF radiation and put you in danger as a result? In this case, limiting exposure to these types of radiation seems impossible and out of our hands, but that is not the case! Today, there are hundreds of EMF protective products on the market from bed canopies, to interior and exterior paints to clothing. Purchasing and wearing EMF shielding clothing is a great way to protect yourself anywhere, anytime! 

When it comes to any EMF product, the search results may overwhelm you. That is why we have created the ultimate guide to EMF protection clothing. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about EMF protective clothing, from how it works to what brands you should buy. 

The topics in this guide include:

  • What is EMF clothing?
  • What is EMF clothing made from?
  • Does EMF clothing actually work?
    • How does EMF clothing work? 
    • How can you test your EMF clothing?
  • What kinds of EMF clothing are available? 
  • Is EMF clothing safe? 
  • Does EMF clothing require special care? 
  • Why should you wear EMF clothing? 
  • Where can you purchase EMF clothing? 

What is EMF Clothing?

Everyday you choose a new outfit to wear, whether you are getting dressed for work, school or to just lounge around the house. Nowadays, there are pieces of clothing available that you can wear with the intention of reducing your exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. EMF clothing is an expanding market with various new competitors entering and bringing with them new innovations and products. Many years ago, the only EMF “clothing” the EMF-conscious could use was the legendary tinfoil hat. Today, producers of EMF clothing are making products that not only work, but are fashionable and can be worn in a variety of situations or places. 

What is EMF Clothing Made From?

Today, EMF clothing is made from a variety of different metals that are known to block harmful EMFs. Clothing made out of metal might sound concerning or medieval, but the science and innovation of today has allowed these companies to produce metal-fiber blends which do not irritate the skin. Metallic materials that are most commonly used to make up EMF clothing include: 

  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Mylar
  • Stainless steel

These metals are then blended with a variety of textiles to create EMF blocking threads and yarn. The kinds of materials used to make metal-fiber blends include:

  • Cotton 
  • Nylon
  • Silk
  • Acrylic 
  • Spandex
  • Polyester
  • Rayon

Together, these materials combine to create wearable, protective fabrics that can be used to make all types of clothing and accessories. If you are interested in a more organic form of EMF protection, some crystal users believe that the mineral shungite, which is composed of carbon molecules called fullerenes, is able to act as a filter to absorb and neutralize EMF radiation. Artisans like MorganicHandmade on Etsy, sew small shungite stones into the seams of various garments for EMF protection. 

Yoga Pants, Hoodie and Headbands from MorganicHandmade 

Does EMF Clothing Actually Work?

The biggest question often asked when it comes to EMF clothing is: does it actually work? Most EMF experts have the same answer: yes and no. This is because whether or not EMF clothing actually works largely depends on what the clothing is made of. For example, some of the metals listed above are better at blocking EMFs than others. Therefore, what the clothing is made out of is very important when determining whether or not that piece of EMF apparel is a scam or a good safety measure. Furthermore, not all shielding garments are created equal and most EMF brands and companies will tell you this. Different products will have different attenuation rates and will be better for different people, different needs or different situations.  

How Does EMF Clothing Work? 

So, we know that the metals used in producing EMF fabrics is what blocks the EMF waves but how does the material do that? The materials act as a shield between you and the oncoming EMF and RF radiation. Here is something incredibly important to note: this shield is not 100% effective. No material is! The purpose of EMF clothing is not to completely block EMF radiation, but reduce it and this is what these materials do. Copper, aluminum, silver, mylar and stainless steel fibers help to attenuate, or reduce, the force of the EMF radiation around your body. They do this either by absorbing the radiation or separating the photons as they pass through the material. Due to the absorption/interference, a great amount of the EMF radiation never reaches your body. 

This reduction of EMF strength is often described in terms of attenuation. An item of EMF clothing has a specific ability to attenuate radiation known as its shielding performance. Its ability to lessen the force of EMF radiation, or its shielding performance, is expressed in values of decibels (dB). Shielding performance is often shown in dB or a percentage. The following percentages are generally used with the following decibel values:

  • 10 decibels = 90% reduction 
  • 20 decibels = 99% reduction 
  • 30 decibels = 99.9% reduction 
  • 40 decibels = 99.99% reduction 

If the manufacturer lists its shielding performance in decibels, a good rule of thumb to remember is that the higher the decibel value, the better the material is at reducing EMF radiation. 

Most EMF clothing is only capable of blocking certain types of radiation, specifically electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies. No EMF clothing on the market currently reduces magnetic field waves. This is because magnetic fields cannot be blocked by the materials used to make EMF fabrics. 

How Can You Test Your EMF Clothing?

Unfortunately, testing the shielding ability or effectiveness of EMF clothing at home is quite difficult with a traditional EMF meter. However, if you have an EMF meter with an extended probe, testing a product’s attenuation is a bit easier. To test your shielded clothing, first begin by taking a few base measurements in your surrounding environment. Then, while wearing the garment or accessory, put the extended probe between your body and the garment. You should then be able to see the meter easily, get your reading and see how much the garment has reduced the incoming EMF radiation. 

Another, simpler way of checking the effectiveness of EMF clothing is to take your cell phone, wrap the garment around the phone and check to see if the phone can still receive texts or calls. A garment with a high attenuation rate should be able to block out the EMF waves that allow your phone to receive texts or calls. 

What Kinds of EMF Clothing are Available? 

New companies are consistently being created to cater to those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and those who are concerned about the biological effects that may result from being exposed to EMF radiation. These companies, through the passage of time or due to customer need, have been innovating and working diligently to create EMF clothing for different people and different occasions. In 2020, there is a plethora of different kinds of EMF clothing available. Whether you are looking for something to protect you at night while you sleep or need an outfit to wear to work, it is likely out there and ready to be purchased. 


There are many EMF garments and accessories that cater to both men and women. From hats to scarves to undershirts, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the best EMF garments available on the internet today! 

SPERO EMF Protection Silver Lined Baseball Cap

Source: SPERO

This simple, black baseball cap by the brand SPERO is a great addition to your EMF wardrobe. The brain is one of the most sensitive organs when it comes to EMF radiation, which is why it is so important to shield it from the EMF radiation around us. Because of this, hats are some of the most popular EMF clothing products available. SPERO uses high-tech, pure silver-coated fabric to deflect harmful EMF radiation. 

SHIELD Signalproof Baseball Cap 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

The relatively new brand, SHIELD, considers themselves to be pioneers in the tech-fashion industry, branding themselves as the creators of the 21st Century’s “most functional tin foil hat.” Luckily, their SHIELD Baseball Cap looks like a tinfoil craft project. This stylish and modern baseball cap is made from a 100% cotton outer layer and an inner layer made from 90% silver and 10% spandex. Its shielding attenuation is up to 80 dB, blocking frequencies from 10 MHz to 3 GHz. 

EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Cap

Source: Amazon

EMR Shielding Solutions offers this plain cap on Amazon. The cap, which is made from 89% cotton, 8% copper, 2% silver and 1% lycra, is capable of blocking more than 99% of EMF radiation, with an attenuation rate of 47 dB. The cap features 13 panels, a sloped front and a coolmax elastic sweatband. The cap has received many positive reviews on Amazon. 

Leblok Protective Cap 

Source: EMFClothing

The Scottish company, EMFClothing, also offers an EMF protective baseball cap. The cap uses Leblok technology and is made from cotton and silver plated nylon fabric. The cap comes in several colors: camo, blue, navy blue, black, beige and white. At 1 GHz, the attenuation rate is 50 dB (99.999%). 

SHIELD Snapback 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

In addition to their classic baseball cap, SHIELD also makes a trendy and cool snapback. The outer layer is 100% acrylic, while the inner layer is made from 90% silver and 10% spandex. With a shielding effectiveness of 99%, its shielding attenuation is 60-80 dB between frequencies of 10 MHz and 3 GHz. 

SPERO EMF Winter Hat

Source: SPERO

Another popular EMF cap option are beanies. This beanie, by the brand SPERO, is made from black cotton and is lined with 100% silver fabric. 

SHIELD Signalproof Layover Beanie 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

This beanie by SHIELD is both stylish and effective. Choose from a variety of colors (gray, black, dark blue and mustard yellow) and receive 99% shielding effectiveness. The outer layer is 100% acrylic, while the inner layer is 90% silver and 10% spandex. Its shielding attenuation is 60-80 dB between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. 

Shielded Beanie 

Source: Less EMF

The website Less EMF has several EMF clothing options including this shielded beanie. The beanie, which comes in gray or black, is made from 40% cotton, 25% polyester and 35% silver. It has been tested with frequencies between 10 MHz and 4 GHz and was proven to have a shielding attenuation of 45 dB. 

EMF Safety Scarf

Source: Less EMF

Another popular EMF product are scarves. Scarves are popular for several reasons: they can provide protection around your neck, thyroid and head. This scarf by Less EMF is made from 65% silver shielding material and 35% silk. Its shielding attenuation is 40 dB when shielding frequencies between 10 MHz and 4 GHz. It is available in both adult and child sizes. 

Hooded Scarf 

Source: Less EMF

Another product of Less EMF, this hooded scarf provides extra protection for your head. Available in brown and black, the scarf is made from pure silver coated nylon and modal fabric. Its shielding efficiency is 90% up to 8 GHz. 

Leblok EMF Protective Scarf 

Source: EMFClothing

This stylish, gray scarf by EMFClothing provides excellent EMF radiation protection. Available in medium and large sizes, it is made from 60% silver fiber and 40% polyester. It has a shielding attenuation of over 60 dB (99.9999%) at 1 GHz. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

Source: Less EMF

This long sleeve t-shirt by Less EMF is a cotton-polyester blend woven with silver fibers. Though the exact percentages of silver are not given, the description claims the garment has a shielding attenuation of 45 dB between 10 MHz and 4 GHz. The shirt is available in sizes small through extra-large. 

Silver Lining T-Shirt

Source: Less EMF

This mesh undergarment t-shirt by Less EMF is made from a stretchable silver/nylon mesh fabric. It has a large size range, extra-small through 2X, and provides a shielding attenuation of 40-50 dB from at least 30 MHz to 5 GHz. 

Anti-Wave T-Shirt 

Source: Less EMF

This Anti-Wave t-shirt is another staple by Less EMF. The shirt contains 2% pure silver and can reduce EMF radiation by 90% when exposed to frequencies between 50 kHz and 3 GHz. The shirt is available for both men and women, from sizes small to 3X. 

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank

Source: Amazon

By the brand OURSURE, this unisex tank on Amazon is a great undergarment or could be worn on its own. The tank is made from a 100% silver-nylon blend and provides EMF shielding up to 60 dB from 10 MHz to 3 GHz. Only one size is available so be sure to pay attention to the measurements listed by the manufacturer. It has received positive reviews on Amazon. 

eSmog Pants 

Source: Less EMF

Unfortunately, when it comes to EMF protective pants, there are fewer options available. These pajama pants by Less EMF are made using Silverell fabric, which is a rayon-silver yarn blend. Silverell fabric offers around 90% RF protection from frequencies between 20 MHz and 8 GHz. The eSmog pants are light enough to be worn under regular pants. 

Shielded Gloves 

Source: Less EMF

Less EMF refers to their shielded gloves as “Finger Faraday Cages.” These gloves are made with a polyester/silver fabric that creates a nice, stretchy material for gloves. EMF gloves can be especially helpful when working on laptops or using any electronic device that emits EMF radiation. 

SHIELD Signalproof Low Top Sneakers 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

The last unisex item on our list are these fashionable, well-made EMF sneakers. In addition to caps, SHIELD also makes low top and high top sneakers. The shoe top is 100% cotton and the sole is 100% caucho (natural rubber). The inner layer of the shoe is completely 100% silver, which keeps you shielded from the ground. Additionally, because silver serves as a natural anti-bacterial, your shoes should stay fresh and odorless. 


EMF protective clothing can also cater specifically to men, whether that be button up shirts or boxer briefs. Additionally, some of the unisex items listed above are also made especially for men or women. So let’s look at some EMF clothing options for men. 

BlocWave EMF Protection Men’s Hoodie 

Source: Amazon

This lightweight shielding hoodie is made by the brand BlocWave and is sold on Amazon. Made from 35% cotton, 44% silver, 18.4% nylon and 2.6% spandex, this hoodie not only provides comfort but great protection against EMF radiation. It has a shielding attenuation between 26 and 43 dB, meaning it blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation. The hoodie can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from extra-small to a 3X. 

OURSURE EMF Radiation Shield Men’s V-Neck

Source: Amazon

This men’s v-neck by the brand OURSURE is available for purchase on Amazon. The shirt, which is made from a 100% silver-nylon blend, provides RF radiation shielding up to 3 GHz. The shirt has many positive reviews on Amazon which is always a good sign. However, one of the biggest negatives of this particular item is its sizing. The shirt is offered as “one size fits all,” but there are several complaints of the fit of the shirt. Be sure to pay attention to the measurements listed by the manufacturer before purchasing this item. 

Leblok EMF Men’s T-Shirt 

Source: EMFClothing

If you were interested in the shirt above but did not like its futuristic silver color or its sizing, EMFClothing offers several EMF protection t-shirts for men. This one in particular utilizes the popular Leblok technology to block EMF radiation. Made up of 53% cotton, 42% silver fiber and 5% polyester, the t-shirt provides over 99.995% shielding effectiveness up to 1 GHz. This t-shirt can be purchased in a size small through extra-large. 

SwissShield EMF Protective Men’s Office Shirt 

Source: EMFClothing

If you are in need of dressier EMF clothing, you are in luck as there are a few options for men. This white button up shirt offered by EMFClothing is made from the well-known, cotton-based SwissShield fabric. SwissShield fabric, which is made of 90% cotton and 10% copper/silver, has a shielding attenuation of 25 dB (99.5%) at 1 GHz. The shirt is offered in sizes medium through extra-large. 

RF Protection Shirt  

Source: For EHS by EHS

Another dress shirt option is this navy button up shirt by For EHS by EHS. Although cheaper than the previous dress shirt, it does offer less protection against EMF protection. Made of 99% cotton and 1% stainless steel metal, its lowered metal content results in a lowered shielding efficiency; the shirt blocks about 80% of EMF radiation. For EHS by EHS offers this shirt in sizes small through extra-large. 

Formal Vest

Source: Less EMF

If you are looking for more EMF business attire, Less EMF offers this formal EMF shielding vest. Made of 60% cotton, 30% stainless steel fibers and 10% polyester, it provides over 50 dB of shielding performance. Unfortunately, the vest is offered as “one size fits all,” so be sure to pay attention to the measurements listed by the manufacturer before purchasing this item. 

RF Protection Army Style Pants 

Source: For EHS by EHS

Although there are far fewer EMF pants available for purchase, we have found one promising listing for men. These army style trousers are made by For EHS by EHS. Made from 50% cotton, 29% stainless steel metal fabric and 21% polyester, the pants can block about 99% of EMF radiation. They are offered in sizes small through extra-large. 

Many men are concerned about the effects EMF radiation can have on fertility and rightly so. Your pants pocket may be a convenient place to store your smartphone but it might not be the safest place. Several medical studies have linked cell phone radiation to decreased bone density in the pelvis, male infertility and decreased sperm quality. Why not protect yourself and this area by wearing EMF blocking underwear? Currently, there are several different brands who sell EMF underwear for men. Each one offers great protection that will provide you with peace of mind and lower your risk of infertility. 

SYB Anti-Radiation EMF Protection Boxers 

Source: Amazon

The brand SYB (Shield Your Body), based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most trusted names in EMF protection. SYB, which has been providing EMF protection clothing since 2012, has created a pair of boxer briefs that protect you without sacrificing comfort. The boxer briefs, which come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra-large, are made from 42% silver, 53% cotton and 5% nylon. Due to their high metal content, this garment has an attenuation over 60 dB when in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz. The briefs use silver microfiber anti-radiation technology to provide protection to the entire area and not just the groin. Additionally, silver is a known odor-killing and anti-bacterial agent which is perfect for this type of clothing. Despite their high metal content, reviewers have said the boxers remain comfortable to wear. With these boxers, you can block up to 99% of EMF radiation. SYB boxer briefs are available for purchase on Amazon or through SYB directly. While these boxers are not cheap, you cannot put a price on peace of mind.

Silverell® Men’s Boxer Shorts 

Source: Less EMF and EMR Shielding Solutions 

Another option for underwear can be found both on EMR Shielding Solutions and Less EMF. Both providers offer Silverell fabric boxer shorts. These boxer shorts are made from a cotton and jersey material which is coated in pure silver. Unfortunately, neither website provides specific material percentages nor information about the garment’s attenuation. However, if the boxers are made from Silverell fabric, you can count on 90% RF protection against frequencies between 20 MHz and 8 GHz. Due to the silver content, these boxes are anti-bacterial and fight odor and fungus in the genital area. Both EMR Shielding Solutions and Less EMF offer sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

Anti-Wave Briefs

Source: Less EMF

These Anti-Wave Briefs, also sold via Less EMF, provide all-over EMF shielding. This stretchable, comfortable fabric contains 2% silver. The briefs provide a 90% reduction in EMF radiation up to 3 GHz. These briefs are offered in a wider size range than the others listed here, going up to a 3X. Many will find the Anti-Wave Briefs to be budget-friendly and a great addition to your fight against EMF radiation.  

OURSURE Boxer Briefs 

Source: Amazon

These 100% silver-nylon blend anti-radiation boxer briefs by the brand OURSURE are available for purchase via Amazon. Similar to the SYB boxer briefs, OURSURE briefs offer protection up to 60 dB against RF/microwave frequencies between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. OURSURE boxer briefs do offer a smaller size range by only offering up to a large. However, the boxer briefs do have positive ratings and their prices are similar to those boxers already on the market. 

RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer Briefs

Source: Belly Armor

Although the brand Belly Armor mainly caters to pregnant women and babies (hence the name), they also have created a men’s boxer brief that utilizes their RadiaShield technology. Made from a modal-spandex fabric, the brief provides RadiaShield protection on both the codpiece and the back of the garment. RadiaShield offers 99.9% shielding effectiveness (40-60 dB). Belly Armor offers these boxers in the standard range of sizes, small through extra-large. Although these briefs do not offer complete EMF protection, they are more affordably priced and might be a great option for some people. 

SHIELD Signalproof Boxer Briefs 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

Finally, these boxer briefs by SHIELD are also a great budget-friendly option for those in the market for EMF underwear. The briefs are made from 45% cotton, 35% silver and 20% polyester. They have a shielding effectiveness of 90% (55-65 dB). They have been tested to block frequencies between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. SHIELD offers sizes small through large. 


EMF clothing specifically made for women is also available. These clothing items include dressier options, casual clothing as well as clothing for expectant mothers. There are so many options for EMF protection clothing and accessories for women, so let’s get started!

Leblok EMF Protective Women’s Hoodie 

Source: EMFClothing

This hoodie, which is offered by EMFClothing, utilizes Leblok technology to shield EMF radiation over 99.995% at 1 GHz. The hoodie is made of 53% cotton, 42% silver fiber and 5% polyester, making it both comfort and protective. The hoodie is offered in various sizes, all of which are listed on the website.

BlocWave EMF Women’s T-Shirt 

Source: EMFClothing

This BlocWave t-shirt offered on EMFClothing is available in a variety of colors, from fuschia pink to lilac, royal blue, black and even apple green. Not only can this t-shirt brighten up your wardrobe, it will certainly protect you from EMF radiation. The t-shirt has a high shielding attenuation between 57 and 65 dB and is available in sizes small through extra-large. 

EMF Protective Button Up Women’s Shirt 

Source: EMFClothing

If you are looking for a dressier, business casual shirt that will protect you from EMF radiation, this navy button up is available on EMFClothing’s website. The shirt is made from 50% silver fiber and 50% polyester. Its high silver content gives it a shielding attenuation of 55 db (99.9995%) at 1 GHz. 

Women’s Jacket

Source: Less EMF

Another dressier option to protect yourself from EMF is this stylish women’s jacket. This charcoal gray jacket is available for purchase on Less EMF’s website. Made of 60% cotton, 30% stainless steel fibers and 10% polyester, it provides a shielding attenuation of at least 20 dB. The sizes available for this jacket are medium through 3X.  

Shielded Ladies Smock

Source: Less EMF

Another fashionable choice for EMF shielding is this smock sold on Less EMF. This simple pull-over garment goes well with any neutral outfit and is offered in several different colors. Although specific material percentages are not available, the website claims the smock has a shielding attenuation between 20 and 30 dB. The smock fits sizes small through extra-large. 

 Anti-Wave Leggings 

Source: Less EMF

These EMF protective leggings from Less EMF can be worn around the house as pajamas or under your regular clothing for added EMF protection. They are made out of 89% cotton, 9% nylon and 2% silver. Its 2% silver content gives the garment a shielding efficiency of 90% against frequencies ranging from 30 kHz to 3 GHz. The leggings are available in sizes small through extra-large. 

BlocWave EMF Leggings for Women

Source: EMFProtection

Another legging option for women comes from EMFProtection. The attenuation of these leggings is 57-65 dB, which is a 99% reduction against frequencies between 30 kHz and 10 GHz. 

EMF Women’s Shorts

Source: EMFProtection 

The same website that sells the above leggings also offers women’s shorts. These basic shorts come in a variety of sizes on EMFProtection’s website. They are made with 44% silver fiber, 35% cotton, 18.4% nylon and 2.6% spandex. The attenuation is 30-40 dB, blocking frequency ranges between 30 MHz and 10,000 MHz. 

SHIELD Signalproof Bra 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

If you are looking for women’s undergarments, the brand SHIELD offers both bras and underwear for women at an economical price. The bra, which is available in sizes small through large, is made of 45% cotton, 35% silver and 20% polyester. It has a shielding effectiveness of 99%, or 55-65 dB, against frequencies between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. 

SHIELD Signalproof Panties 

Source: SHIELD Apparels

Made from the same material as the bra above, these panties from SHIELD are offered in sizes small through large. Due to being made from the same material, they also offer the same protection as the bra, blocking 99% of EMF radiation between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. 

Ladies’ Fashion Hat

Source: Less EMF

Next, we have a headwear option specifically for women. Most EMF headwear available comes in the form of a baseball cap or beanie, but Less EMF is offering a fashionable alternative for women. The outer fabric of the hat is made from a wool-blend while the inside is a 100% silver coated mesh lining. It has a shielding attenuation of 35 dB against frequency ranges between 30 MHz and 3,000 MHz.  

As mentioned above, there are many EMF clothing options for pregnant women. The big reason for this is because babies and children are extra vulnerable to the negative biological effects of EMF exposure. According to various studies, EMF exposure can have negative effects on unborn babies. These include:

  • Increased risk of respiratory issues, such as asthma
  • Potential to change DNA 
  • Increased risk of miscarraige 
  • Development of behavioral issues 

As these are life altering conditions, you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your child, even while they are still in the womb. This is why you will find many EMF clothing options for pregnant women on the internet. 

OURSURE Maternity Dress

Source: Amazon

This dress by the brand OURSURE is sold on Amazon. It is made of 50% polyester, 35% cotton and 15% non-lead metal fiber. Its shielding attenuation is 30-35 dB from 10 MHz to 3 GHz. Despite being a maternity dress, there are several complaints of it being too small as it is only offered in one size. So, be sure to pay attention to the measurements listed by the manufacturer before purchasing this item. 

JUNZENIA Maternity Vest 

Source: Amazon

Similar to the dress above, this maternity dress is offered in only one size. The dress is equipped with an anti-radiation belly band to ensure protection where it matters most. While the material percentages are not listed, the description does claim that the garment has a shielding effectiveness up to 50 dB. This means it can block 99.99% of EMF radiation between 10 MHz and 1,000 MHz. Be extra careful when washing this garment, as it is likely to discolor over time due to the metals used within the fabric. It is available on Amazon

SPERO Maternity Apron 

Source: SPERO

Unlike the dresses above, this maternity apron by SPERO is only meant to be worn on the outside of your clothes. This apron provides special protection against EMF radiation exposure to your womb. One size fits all with this simple tie-back apron. Specific material percentages are not given for this item but it is made with silver fabric. 

Belly Armor Belly Tee

Source: Belly Armor

Belly Armor is an EMF clothing brand specifically for babies and expectant mothers. They sell several EMF shirts with mothers-to-be in mind. This simple, classic v-neck comes in cream and black and is offered in sizes small through extra-large. All Belly Armor products utilize their RadiaShield technology, which has been lab tested in a third-party FCC-certified laboratory. The garment has a shielding efficiency of 99.9%. The tee is available for purchase both on Amazon and Belly Armor’s website

Belly Armor Belly Band

Source: Belly Armor

If you are looking for an undergarment to protect you and your unborn child from EMF radiation, Belly Armor also has a belly band that you can wear underneath your clothing. The garment comes in beige and hot pink and comes in small through extra-large sizes. The band is lined with RadiaShield fabric and features ruched sides which allow for expandable coverage as your belly grows.

Children and Babies 

Lastly, you can also protect the most vulnerable to EMF radiation with protective clothing. Although there are not as many listings for children and babies as there are for adults, you do have several options. 

EMF T-Shirt for Girls 

Source: EMFProtection

The website EMFProtection offers a couple of EMF products for children This plain, EMF t-shirt for girls is available in 3-12 sizing. Unfortunately, the website does not provide material percentages nor the garments attenuation, so we cannot be sure how trustworthy the shirt is. 

EMF Shielding Baby Beanie 

Source: EMFProtection 

The second EMF garment EMFProtection offers is a baby beanie. Similar to the above item, no material percentages are listed nor is the garment’s attenuation given. 

SYB Baby Beanie 

Source: Shield Your Body

Luckily, if you are looking for an EMF baby beanie, there are more options than just the one above. This baby beanie, which comes in several sizes, from newborn to 24 months, is made by the brand Shield Your Body (SYB). This SYB beanie is made from 45% cotton, 35% silver and 20% nylon. It has a shielding efficiency of up to 99%. 

Belly Armor Baby Hat 

Source: Belly Armor 

Lastly, another EMF baby hat option is made by Belly Armor. These adorable hats, which are offered in two styles, Mouse and Rabbit, are not only cute, but extremely effective at blocking EMF radiation. They come in three sizes and have a shielding effectiveness of 99.9% for frequencies between 10 MHz and 8 GHz. The hats are made with 100% organic cotton and stretchable RadiaShield fabric. 

Is EMF Clothing Safe? 

No research has currently been conducted to test whether or not EMF clothing is safe. However, some EMF researchers and writers, as well as companies who sell EMF products, have issued their own warnings when it comes to using EMF clothing. For example, if after wearing EMF clothing your symptoms worsen or you feel any other negative effect, you should stop using the garment immediately. Additionally, EMF protective clothing should not be worn during X-Ray or MRI scans, nor should you walk through security or other body scanners like those at airports or government buildings. 

While there is little to no evidence to support the idea that EMF clothing is unsafe to wear, it is important to note that it is not always comfortable to wear. This is due to the typically high amount of metal that is used to make EMF clothing. Be sure to read reviews for EMF clothing before purchasing as previous buyers will usually comment on the comfort levels of the garments and accessories.

Does EMF Clothing Require Special Care?

The answer is yes. EMF clothing, in many ways, is not like regular clothing. It’s made of special fibers, it’s more expensive and serves a special purpose. As such, EMF protection clothing needs careful washing and care. Most manufacturers include care instructions with the purchase of a new EMF clothing piece or accessory; however, if your garment was purchased via a third party or no instructions were included, some general rules can be followed to best care for your EMF protective clothing. 

For starters, EMF clothing should not be overly washed. Generally, attenuation is reduced with each wash after about 30 washes. When possible, try not to get the garment so dirty that it needs to be washed. This will ensure a higher attenuation rate for as long as possible. When you must wash your garment, EMF clothing should not be machine washed or dry cleaned. They should be hand washed and air dried. 

Before hand washing your garment, test a small section of the fabric with tap water. Sometimes tap water can be used to wash EMF clothing, while other times you must use distilled or deionized, reverse osmosis water. When testing the fabric with tap water, soak a small swatch with the water and then wait for 1 hour. If the fabric swatch or water has changed color or blackened, do not use the tap water to wash the garment. Additionally, if the garment’s conductivity is lost (you can check for conductivity using an Ohm meter) after swatching with tap water, do not use the tap water to wash the garment.

After deciding what kind of water should be used to wash the material, special attention and care should also be used when choosing a detergent. For EMF or silver garments, a neutral detergent must be used. Regular detergents, bleach or detergent that contains bleach must not be used. Regular laundry detergent or bleach can interact with metal and render it ineffective. Some EMF clothing manufacturers produce their own laundry detergent but a commonly recommended detergent is TexCare by the brand YShield. TexCare laundry detergent does not react with silver or stainless steel EMF protective fabrics. TexCare and like laundry detergents will ensure the shielding effectiveness of EMF garments stays higher for longer. 

After hand washing EMF protective clothing with appropriate laundry detergent, do not put the garment in a dryer. The garment should be hung out to dry after washing but should not be left in direct, hot sunlight. Do not wring out excess water from the garment either. 

Why Should You Wear EMF Clothing? 

If you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity or are otherwise concerned about the effects of EMF radiation, you should take all the necessary steps possible to reduce or eliminate your exposure to EMF radiation. Choosing to wear and investing in EMF clothing is one of the ways you can do this. By wearing EMF clothing, you can drastically reduce your exposure to EMF radiation by 90 or even 99%. EMF radiation has been linked to a whole host of problems, from headaches to anxiety to cancer. Wearing EMF clothing is a great way to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation when you otherwise cannot eliminate the source or turn it off. 

Where Can You Purchase EMF Clothing? 

All of the products listed above are from different EMF online stores and manufacturers. To help you in your search for EMF clothing, we have compiled the best eight places to get your EMF gear. 

  1. Less EMF 

Less EMF is a trusted name in EMF shielding clothing and other EMF products. A large variety of products can be purchased via their website. Most of their clothes are rated to shield EMFs by 90, 99 or even 99.9%. Less EMF is a great place to get started when it comes to purchasing EMF clothing. 

  1. Belly Armor 

Belly Armor is one of the best, if not the best place to purchase EMF clothing if you or someone you love is expecting. The concerns that come with having a baby can be difficult enough, so why let yourself worry about EMF radiation when you can protect yourself and your baby with these great products? Belly Armor uses their RadiaShield technology to block EMF radiation at high attenuation rates without sacrificing comfort or style. 

  1. EMFClothing

EMFClothing is known for combining fashion and shielding, generally providing up to 99.999% effectiveness. Each EMFClothing product is manufactured to meticulous quality standards and is tested and inspected before being shipped across the world. EMFClothing is also known to carry Leblok, SwissShield and Silverell fabrics, which are all name brands in the world of EMF clothing. 

  1. EMFProtection (Cell Phone Radiation Limited)

EMFProtection is a clothing range managed by the UK company Cell Phone Radiation Limited. EMFProtection carries several different items, in addition to carrying the brand BlocWave. 

  1. For EHS by EHS

For EHS by EHS was created when the owner himself began to be affected by harmful EMF radiation. With personal experience in mind, EMF protection clothing was made for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The products sold on their website allow EHS people to reduce their exposure to radiation even when in an environment they cannot fully control. All of their products are made of stainless steel or silver based protection fabric. For EHS by EHS has a strong, loyal customer base due to their quality products. 

  1. SHIELD Apparels 

A relatively new EMF brand, SHIELD Apparels has certainly made a name for themselves by providing stylish, comfortable and multi-feature EMF protective clothing. With all products providing a shielding effectiveness between 55 and 65 dB, you can be sure that you are wearing a quality product. 

  1. SPERO

SPERO Protective Clothing was designed to serve humanity. They do this by providing quality EMF radiation blocking clothing and accessories. Using metal-blend garments, SPERO products are anti-EMF radiation, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antistatic and antifungal. 

  1. Amazon

Lastly, Amazon sells a wide variety of EMF clothing products. The best part about shopping for EMF clothing on Amazon is being able to read reviews from real people who have the same concerns as us. Being able to easily read whether or not a product does what it claims to do is a great way to make informed choices when purchasing these products!


Luckily for us, the best EMF protection is free. The best way to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation is to simply eliminate sources of EMF radiation in your home, reduce the amount of time you spend using electronic devices that emit EMF radiation and distance yourself from sources of EMF radiation when you are not able to turn it off or eliminate it. However, we understand that it is not always possible to get rid of sources of EMF radiation in our homes and offices; we need WiFi routers, laptops and smartphones to go about daily life. In these cases, we need to add an extra line of defense. That is where EMF clothing comes in and there is no shortage of EMF shielding products currently on the market. From caps to gloves to hoodies and shoes, there are lots of options. 

While EMF clothing can be expensive, if you do your research and make informed decisions, you should be able to find products that work and protect you. When looking to buy EMF clothing, remember to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the company claiming their products can do? 
  • Can the company support their claims with science and laboratory testing? 
  • Does the company list the materials they use? 
  • Is the product comfortable to wear? 
  • What is the shielding effectiveness of the product?

If you are able to answer these questions sufficiently, you should be able to make an informed decision!